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About Us

Trust us and we’ll make your dreams real!

Fides Factum is a company which provides a wide range of services related to real estate (acquisition, construction or lease), investments, creating your own business in the Canary Islands, as well as assistance in obtaining Spanish residence, receiving education, integration into the local community and employment assistance. We work in alliance with the consulting agency Tenerconsulta Plus SL, so all our deals receive all-round legal support.

Most of the clients of our company are interested not only in buying property in Tenerife, but also in Spain as well as long-term accommodation options in the Canaries. However, for a foreigner who does not have a good level of Spanish it is quite difficult to get into all aspects and legal niceties. Our highly qualified specialists will help you to understand the local laws and adapt in your new country, as well as answer questions of a social or cultural nature.

We understand our customers’ needs therefore our aim is to fulfil the expectations of our current and future clients. Our mission is to provide our clients with the most transparent and comprehensive information possible. Our philosophy is to be a reliable partner for everyone who wants to live and work in Spain. Our clients can count on the professionalism and the experience of our team. We are open to dialogue and cooperation! Fides Factum is a value-driven partnership. We are proud of our reputation for customer service and truly value the trust of our clients.

Our team

About Us

About Us

Irina Likhova


Languages: Spanish, Russian.

About Us

Kseniya Ogirenko

Chief Financial Officer.

Languages: English, Spanish, Norwegian, Russian.

About Us

Anastasia Vishnevetskaya

Office Manager.

Languages: English, Spanish, Russian

About Us

Darya Rozhenkova

Marketing department.

Languages: Spanish, Russian.

About Us


Victoria Deputatova

Integration department.

Languages: English, Spanish, Russian.

About Us


Victoria Abreu Hernández

Sales Manager.

Languages: Spanish.