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If you decided to settle down in Tenerife, in addition to purchasing an already built house it is also possible to buy land to build according to an individual project with a design. Who has not dreamed about a house, designed and built by your own criteria of stability, comfort, beauty and harmony? The company Fidus Factum can materialise your ideas and you will get the house of your dreams. An individual project is the possibility to design a personalised house which will differ from others.

The latest technologies used in the construction of houses and individual projects allow for the realisation of the most innovative architectural solutions. In prestigious areas of Tenerife such as Roque del Conde, San Eugenio Alto, Barranco del Ingles, Adeje Golf, Playa Paraiso, Callao Salvaje and Madroñal, there are a lot of elegant villas. Taking a trip along the south coast, you will be surprised by the variety of houses. There you can find Greek-style designs with majestic columns and porticos, or cosy and warm Mediterranean style dwellings with gardens, flowers and terracotta roofs. The Orient brings spicy notes in the landscape with it towers, domes and pointed arches. The Hi-Tech style contrasts with others by the simple lines and the domination of simply white tones. Those who prefer wildlife choose the Rustic style.

In the south of Tenerife you can see the wide assortment of architectural styles, which harmoniously blend into the natural landscape and give the island a special charm.

Our company has a team of talented architects, designers and construction crews, who will help you to carry out a project.  Our experts will take care of all logistical aspects.

It is important to note that the construction of a new house is approximately 15-20% cheaper than buying a built one. Thanks to the economic crisis in the building sector, you can buy construction materials at greatly reduced prices and save money. Moreover there is the possibility to finance a part of a new house by loans at the interest rate of 3-4% per year. In addition, the warm climate of the Canary Islands allows building throughout the year, so the whole project will take you about 18 months. The average cost of house building, including the cost of materials, is about €800 per square metre, but the price may vary depending on the choice of materials.

You must take the same care when buying land as you would when buying a home. The most important point is to ensure that it has been approved for building (land classified as a Finca Urbana can usually be built on) and that the plot is large enough and suitable for the house you plan to build. Our specialists will help you to choose the land and check the legality of the licenses and building permit. Trust our experts – we will help you to build the house of your dreams!

The key steps to custom building in Tenerife:

  1. Purchase of a building plot.
  2. Designed houses (villas). A package supplier (who will literally design and build your home for you), an architect or another house designer should understand your requirements and be able to produce thoughtful responses that fit your budget. Each project has an architectural section (contains dimensions and facades, number of floors, inner layout, etc.) and a structural one (construction solutions, design features, functional capabilities, etc.).
  3. Bureaucratic steps. Before construction you must receive the necessary building license, the correct planning permission, etc.
  4. Construction work. The first step in physically getting your project underway is to prepare the site for the building work. That means sorting the ground-works – from clearing vegetation to levelling the plot (if required) and accurately setting out trenches. Your main contractor or a dedicated ground-working company can deal with this stage as well as drainage and the foundation pour. After that your house project will fall into the following stages: foundation work; getting the house wind and weather tight (roofed, windows fitted and doors in).
  5. Construction of utility networks (electricity, heating, plumbing, electricity, ventilation, telecommunications).
  6. Interior and exterior finish. This stage consists of first fix (the initial services, structural carpentry and plastering work), second fix (work carried out after plastering); and the final decoration.
  7. Landscaping.
  8. With building work complete, the interiors finished and certificate from building control obtained, you will be ready to move in to your dream house. Now you have reached the end of your journey, it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labours!

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