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Investment projects in the Canary Islands

Инвестиционные проекты на Канарских островах12

The Canary Islands are included in the list of the most prestigious vacation destinations in the world, but the archipelago is not only a great place to relax, it’s also a good place for profitable investments.

Investments in residential and commercial property. If you are considering investing in a property in the Canary Islands this is probably one of the best times in decades to do it. Spain seems to be finally coming out of the economic recession and after some really hard years the market prices are probably at their lowest level and starting to rise, so a good number of the properties that are in the market can be bought for 2/3 of what their current owners paid for them years ago. The Canary Islands is probably the best winter sun destination in Europe; the islands have an extraordinary variety of climates and countryside, lower property purchase taxes, and a consolidated international community. The prices of real estate in the region are lower than in Barcelona, Malaga and other resorts in the south of Spain.

Thanks to the year-round warm climate, demand for real estate renting is always stable. That is why the average return yield for investments in residential and commercial property in the Canaries exceeds 7%.

Buying property off-plan


 One of the most attractive investments in the Canary Islands is the purchase of real estate under construction. The average construction time is about two years and during this period the prices usually grow by 30% (depending on the site and other factors). Once you have selected a property, it is advisable to pay a deposit (about €6,000) and sign a reservation document. Co-investment agreement is signed by a property developer and an interested person and usually entails regular payments (up to 30% of the property price) during the construction period. The title deeds are signed upon completion of construction. You can apply to a bank for a loan (mortgage) for the period of up to 25 years on the remaining amount of the purchase price (about 70%). Contracts are drawn up on the basis of Spanish law, so all new houses have 10 year building guarantee. It means that in law construction work is guaranteed for a period of up to 10 years. That is, if the construction company does not have the means to eliminate defects, it will pay the insurance company. Spain is one of the safest countries in the world for investment in the construction sector because the local laws fully protect the rights of the consumer and minimise the risks of suspension of building work or ‘freezing’ of the project.

Resale property

Вторичная недвижимость2

The resale market is much bigger than the newly built market, with greater variety and more choice. Buying a resale property for letting could be a profitable investment, as your real estate could start to generate income straight after the purchase. Also you may get a mortgage for 80% of the price. For customers who prefer living in another country, the company Fides Factum provide a wide range of property management services, including maintenance and leasing of real estate of any class. It is important to note that the potential return yield depends not only on the net lettable area and its quality, but also on its location (close to a beach, recreational areas, tourist infrastructure, etc).

Commercial real estate


If you’re looking for safe investments with high returns, choose retail and commercial property. It could be a long-term investment in off-plan commercial property or the purchase of an existing shopping centre. Due to the fact that the tourist season in the Canary Islands lasts the whole year there is always a strong demand on commercial spaces.

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